Basketball Shoes: Kobe Bryant’s Nike Zoom Kobe V

What’s the lightest basketball shoes in the world? Huh, you don’t know yet? Have you been living under a rock? The lightest basketball shoes in the world is Kobe Bryant’s Zoom Kobe V which, at 10.6 ounces, is one ounce lighter than its predecessor the Nike Zoom Kobe IV. Here’s a photo of Kobe V courtesy of

Nike Zoom Kobe V

It sure looks awesome, doesn’t it? Kobe reportedly got the inspiration for the Zoom Kobe V from, of all places, the football pitch. Says Kobe:

“I watch a lot of soccer and have seen how the best footballers in the world make sharp cuts at top speed in lightweight, low-cut footwear. The demands they make on their feet and ankles aren’t that different from what I’m doing on the court, yet nobody assumes they should play in high tops.”

“I wanted to push the envelope with a shoe that meets the demands of my style of play. The Kobe V is lighter, lower and more stable. Nike has done it again.”

We are partial to lighter shoes too so we must give props to Kobe and Nike for making their shoes lighter.

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