Marcus Jordan Shoe Scandal: Adidas vs. University of Central Florida

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Is the Marcus Jordan shoe scandal a case of much ado about nothing? Or do the parties involved have valid points to stand on? And if we are looking for someone to blame for the scandal, who do we blame?

We sure know we’re not going to blame Marcus Jordan himself. It’s true that he is at the center of the controversy but its a scandal that’s not of his own making.

Here’s a summary of the shoe scandal for those of you not familiar with it:

Marcus Jordan, the son of basketball great Michael Jordan loves to wear his father’s shoes, Nike’s Air Jordan. When he was recruited by the University of Central Florida (UCF) he requested that he be allowed to wear his Air Jordan shoes instead of the Adidas shoes provided by the UCF sponsor, Adidas.

Evidently, his request was granted by the school authorities after consulting with the regional office of Adidas which gave it the go-ahead.

But the main office of Adidas reversed its regional office and told the school that it would cut its sponsorship if Marcus does not wear their Adidas shoes. Marcus, understandably, did not want to do that because he was explicitly assured that he can keep wearing his Air Jordans.

So Adidas cut of their sponsorship of UCF which reportedly costs US$ 5 million for a period of three years.

And that’s the end of the story for now. As we were saying, Marcus does not get any of the blame here. If we are to point a finger at someone, we would be pointing them to the Adidas people for their ridiculous inconsistency.

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