Cycling Shoes for Jake Gyllenhaal

November 10, 2009 boo 0

Jake Gyllenhaal goes cycling and is all dressed up in cycling gear with spandex and cycling shoes. Too bad its hard to determine the brand of shoes he wears.

Mens Shoe Fashion Tips: No Shoes for Boys, Please

November 10, 2009 boo 0

Just because Kevin Federline wears a pair of shoes that looks like they’re made for his sons does not mean that you can go and copy his “style”. That bright blue shoelace looks silly on him and we are going to bet that they will look silly if used like that by any man.

Shoes for Amputees

November 9, 2009 boo 0

This story from Stars and Stripes about unpaired shoes in a military base in Germany is one of the most touching shoe-related story we’ve ever heard or read. If you are not touched by it, someone from the Wizard of Oz should give you a heart.

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