Shoe Tips on How to Look Tall


You are vertically challenged and want to look tall? Here are some tips for you courtesy of Tom Cruise. Nah, its not really courtesy of him but he kind of encouraged us to make these tips after we came across this photo which kind of reduced Tom’s manhood before our very eyes.

But let’s get on with some tips (or rules) for how you can look tall even if you’re not. Here goes:

  • Buy yourself some elevator shoes or shoes for men with high heels.
  • Don’t marry a woman taller than you. Or don’t date a girl taller than you. We’re glad to note that Brad Pitt follows this rule.
  • If you, unfortunately, end up with a girl/woman taller than you, never ever ever let her wear high-heeled shoes. This should be an easy thing for you to do because you wear the pants in your relationship, right?
  • If she, instead of you, wears the pants in your relationship and she wears high heels whenever she wants, never ever ever go out with her when she’s wearing high heeled shoes.
  • If, for some reason, you really have to go out with her, never ever ever have photos of both of you taken by the paparazzi.

If all things fail, go home and cry.

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