Shoes for Amputees

This story from Stars and Stripes about unpaired shoes in a military base in Germany is one of the most touching shoe-related story we’ve ever heard or read. If you are not touched by it, someone from the Wizard of Oz should give you a heart.

shoes for amputees

The article by Seth Robbins starts thus:

Behind Landstuhl Regional Medical Center’s closet door No. 3E 105 are two bins labeled “left” and “right.”

They are filled with shoes.

Smelling of fresh leather, the shoes vary in style and size: a green and black Reebok high top, size 10; a tangerine-colored Converse, size 8; a women’s white New Balance, size 5; a burgundy and black hand-sewn slipper, no size given.

The bulk of these shoes have no mate because the other is being used by someone who has lost a limb.

“They live in the closet,” Army Chaplain (Maj.) Eric R. Meyners said of the shoes, sifting through the bin. “It just doesn’t seem to be the right thing to do to have them displayed.”

Meyners doesn’t notice the bins much when he comes to work now. But when he gives tours of the chaplain’s closet — which is really more of a room — a hush falls over visitors when they see the single shoes.

“It gets very real,” he said. “It brings home for them the harsher side of what goes on in war.”

Damn. Those paragraphs brought tears to our eyes. Do read the rest here.

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