What are Espadrilles?

Want to talk about the different kinds of shoes that men wear from different parts of the world? Sure you do. Let’s start with espadrilles which originated from the Pyrenees in Spain. Wondering what espadrilles look like? Here’s a photo from the Hermes espadrilles 2009 collection.


Before they became popular, espadrilles were mainly used by peasant farmers. But what was then looked down upon as a peasant footwear has now conquered the world of fashion with top designers producing their own versions.

What sets espadrilles apart from other kinds of shoes? It’s the rope sole that you see in the photo. That is what distinguishes espadrilles from other members of the Shoe Kingdom.

Can men wear espadrilles? Sure! Nothing wrong with men wearing espadrilles. They’re comfortable and they’re great to wear during the summer months.

espadrilles 01

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